Best of Nokia Lumia 920 Cases and Skins

Users of Nokia’s ‘most innovative phone’ are finding new and creative ways to personalize their gadgets with Lumia 920 cases and skins to match their moods. The possibilities are endless – from jelly molds to waterproof pouches, it’s hard not to pick a favorite, or buy one for every day of the week. Here are a few suggestions and their unique features:

Dry box Casing

Dry box Casing

This rather bulky number has its advantages because it ensures the phone’s safety before and during transport. Don’t be intimidated by its size: the webbed interior guarantees the phone doesn’t slide all over the place. Its thick casing and round edges prevent damages while keeping the box from being snagged with other items inside a crowded bag or purse. Dry box cases come in a wide array of colors, even clear ones. Most have pack straps or belts for more convenience. These would be great when camping outdoors or going on a long trip.

Gel Covers

Gel Covers Casing

These sleek cases look hip and stylish while keeping the phone safe from scratches or bumps. Some come in ultra thin varieties with glossy finish. Matte versions are preferred by many because it helps avoid fingerprint marks on the surface of the phone (ensuring a clean look). The TPU gel material makes it easy to slip on and off as a cover – very handy if one wants to get a new color.

Kickstand Cases

Kickstand Cases

This type of Nokia case features a clever kickstand at the back – great for keeping the phone in a standing position for whatever purpose (maybe for a call or an app). Usually made of hard silicone, this case could withstand impacts while still giving the user full access to controls. Like all skins and cases, these come in motley of designs to choose from.

Hard/Soft Hybrids

Hard/Soft Hybrids Case

A mixture of hard and soft material (tough polycarbonate plastic with silicone), these covers are available in mesh-styles, custom designs, rugged looks, or those with built-in holsters. The dual protection means the phone has maximum shield against bumps, dirt, and the elements. The phone will not only look great, users can carry it with ease and peace of mind.

Hard Snap-Ons

Hard Snap-Ons Cases

Much like their gel counterparts, these snap-on covers could be effortlessly attached or removed. It also comes in assorted styles which can be personalized (see stores or online sites for such deals). And since it’s harder than gel covers, it doesn’t damage the phone during accidents; therefore providing a more secure protection. Quite popular among younger crowds and the general public, it’s the cheapest way to both care for and personalize the Lumia 920.

Wallet Style

Wallet Style Casing

This kind of cover is both fashionable and practical. Designed to hold not only the phone but other items as well (like credit cards, sticky notes, or paper bills), it’s a sensible choice when it comes to buying a Lumia casing. The typical material is leather, which is appropriate for men and women. The hard shell interior effectively guards against dust, fingerprints, or scratches while the magnetic buckle secures it in place. Most models come in chic and unique colors with additional hand straps.


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